Do you remember a decade-old site called 4 Guys From Rolla? I used to visit it a lot in the early days of my ASP.NET career. Around 2002, it was still fairly common to visit a site and look for information, instead of just searching for it.

But as we all know, Google’s algorithms improved with the speed of light and a few years later nobody bothered to visit sites anymore, as we simply googled for solutions to problems and subscribed to favorite sites by using RSS feeds. The need for browser bookmarks vanished overnight.

The last of the original “4 guys”, Scott Mitchell, recently left the site and wrote about his story in “I’ve Written My Last Article for 4GuysFromRolla”. It’s an interesting read about the crazy “dotcom” era and one passionate developer stuck in the middle of it.

Programming books A bunch of books we used to read a decade ago.

Update: The site still seems to be alive and kicking!


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    14 Apr, 2020

    The site is still up, and I still use it. But I get your article.

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    12 Mar, 2021

    Yes, used that site so often but i left ASP behind me

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    Classic ASP forever
    09 Dec, 2021

    Still use VBScript/ASP 3.0 with CDONTS and MS Access 2000 today. The webapp was written and is still maintained for over 18 years, love the simplicity and the locked-in language, no changes, no updates, no version/compatibility issues and the creativity you need to do things with so little.

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    18 Feb, 2022

    I second @Classic ASP forever. Got dozens of ASP programs running important systems keeping business going that are still paying me 20 years later. Amazing.

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    12 Jul, 2022

    I am a ASP guy. i use to visit the site from time to time. It had a lot going for it. but with the changes in the ASP.NET framework it sort of left the 4guys in the dust. its like reading an old manual. That’s just not how things are in ASP anymore and really anything they had was really not useful or would even work. sad to see all that work go to the wayside but, thats how the IT world is. fly high 4guys! fly high…

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