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Godzilla in Tokyo

I walked alone in the streets of Tokyo and felt like Godzilla. I almost started humming on “Big in Japan” by Alphaville as I was a six-foot-five gaijin in a sea of short Asians. After deciphering the glyphs of the subway map I managed to find my way and the correct sum to pay for various zones.

Godzilla in Tokyo Godzilla passing through Harajuku.

Got off the subway in Shibuya and walked across the famous crossing, the busiest pedestrian walkway in the world. To say that I stood out from the crowd would be the understatement of the year.

Shibuya crossing Shibuya crossing.

Safely across the sea of humanity I got up to Starbucks on second floor and got a window seat facing the crossing. I had an espresso and tried to study the map in my worn Lonely Planet, but I couldn’t stop staring at the mesmerizing crossing below. A constant flow of people.

Tokyo subway map Tokyo subway map. Clear as mud.


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