The magnificent aqueduct of Segovia was created around 100 AD, being one of the best preserved Roman aqueducts in Spain and possibly the world. 14 kilometers of stone brought water to the city with a one-percent grade of slope. The most impressive feat is that no concrete is needed, the bricks keep each other in place!

Segovia aqueduct The aqueduct of Segovia.

There are many other impressive buildings in the city, such as the imposing Alcazar perched on top of a cliff. It’s a beautiful 11th century medieval castle located on a hillside, rumored to have inspired Walt Disney to the castle of Snow White.

I entered the castle by the draw-bridge across the chasm, and swiftly made my way to the room where Columbus met with Ferdinand and Isabella on his return.

Alcazar of Segovia Alcazar of Segovia.

The gothic cathedral is relatively new. It was built around 1525, after the original was destroyed in a fire. But despite being constructed during the Renaissance, it still has a very Gothic touch to it.

Segovia cathedral Segovia cathedral.

You might also want to explore the beautiful surroundings. Hemingway’s book “For Whom the Bell Tolls” from 1940 takes place in the mountains near Segovia.


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