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Tales of San Francisco

As I admired the sunset from the hill above Golden Gate bridge, the city of San Francisco glittered far away in the dying light. This is one of the great cities that everybody recognize without even visiting it.

Golden Gate bridge Sunset above the Golden Gate bridge.

The allure of California has been beckoning to people all over the world, as artists such as Scott McKenzie and Mamas & Papas performed hymns about the sunny state.

For me, being a decade younger than that, it probably started with movies such as A View to a Kill, Big Trouble in Little China and Bullit, where the city acts as a vibrant backdrop to the action. The steep slopes and the beautiful bridge are quite eye-catching on cinema, which makes the surroundings appear in a lot of productions.

I have walked through the smelly alleys of Chinatown (luckily without meeting Lo Pan), shaken the bars of Al Capone’s cell on Alcatraz and gazed up at the impossibly tall redwood trees in Muir Woods. But the best part is simply to walk along the streets and feel the atmosphere in the Golden City.


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