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Report from Tinitus festival

it was time for a visit to the Tinitus festival located at Münchenbryggeriet in Stockholm. A lot of people had showed up to see a fairly nice lineup of bands.

The futurepop giants VNV Nation entered the main stage a few hours after midnight. They played two songs from their upcoming album “Matter and Form”, due March according to Ronan, which was nice even though he had forgotten the lyrics in Hamburg and had to read from a paper on stage. All in all, a solid and predictable performance.

Unfortunately the crowd pushed forward while the guards pushed backward. Ronan cursed and strongly urging the crowd to back off. The first rows of people got really smashed, including a friend of mine who is now going to a X-ray session for her ribs. At least she got to wear her new VNV top while being crushed, a small comfort.

German synthpop legends Alphaville are certainly not forever young. Marian Gold, the lead singer wearing a horrible shirt, had gained a lot of weight (like 20 kilos in the 20 years since they were last seen on stage) and sported a beard while the rest of the band looked like Keith Richards on a bad hair day. They played most of their brilliant debut album released twenty years ago, but in silly rearranged reggae versions, killing off their trademark sound without any mercy. The ending? “Forever young” with a lot of cigarette lighters in the air. Of course.

Tinitus people People at Tinitus.

The German EBM act Xotox unfortunately failed to deliver. Andreas Davids with red light-sticks was the full show on stage and songs like Mekanische Unruhe, harsh noise-industrial with hard beats which is very enjoyable on CD, were delivered as a simple heap of loud noise.

Fixmer/McCarthy really saved the night with their kick-ass concert, free from the nude couple and other weird stuff that partly spoiled the concert at Arvika this summer. Douglas also delivered a lot of old-school Nitzer Ebb songs and the crowd went wild.

Unfortunately, all good things come to an end. I left the building at the same time as Johan Kinde, which confirmed my choice of departure time as appropriate.


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