Khronos released version 1.0 of the WebGL specification a few days ago at Game Developers Conference in San Francisco.

In case you’re curious, WebGL is a sort of JavaScript binding to OpenGL. I started messing with OpenGL in 1998 and I find it amazing that it’s still here in some form, all those years later in an industry which is infamous for its quick technology changes.

Programming books Ancient tomes of wisdom I read in my youth.

Khronos also mentioned another thing in their press release, namely the formation of the WebCL working group which will work on a similar spec for bindings to OpenCL (Open Computing Language) which could be very interesting.

Go ahead and try some of the demos (such as Quake 3 or 3D sounds), but for full conformance you need a modern browser such as Chrome 9+, Firefox 4+ or Safari OSX 10.6+. They will probably work in Opera 11 as well.

Or why not have a look at my humble WebGL examples?


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