After the zombie walk a few months ago it was time to hit the city once more with something weird. Last year I wrote about the “freeze” action in several cities. The The Grand Central Station freeze is still the best one in my opinion, but there are other cool versions as well.

Today I participated in the event where 500 people froze in the center of Nordstan, Gothenburg. This film was shot at the event:

You can see me and Frida in the movie, making shameless advertising for a large coffee chain. A lot of people stopped to stare at it all, wondering what was happening. A small kid stared up at me for a long time with a suspicious but puzzled face, before being instantly startled when we all started moving again at the same time.

Nordstan frozen Nordstan frozen in action.


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    08 Mar, 2009

    Cool to see proof of it! :-) However, I didnt see you and Frida in the movie? Where were you?

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    09 Mar, 2009

    About 0:50 and 1:43.

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