I know that I should stay away from pancakes after my sturdy Moroccan breakfasts a few weeks ago, but I happen to be in Amsterdam and it would be unwise to skip the infamous Pancake Bakery at Prinsengracht, just a few blocks from the Anne Frank house along the canal.

Pancake Bakery At the Pancake Bakery in Amsterdam.

Located in an old Dutch East India Company from the 17th century, this is a place that takes pancakes very seriously. They do have very interesting and odd items on the large menu.

Apart from the classics, there is the Hungarian (with chorizo and bell peppers), Indonesian (with chicken, onion, leek, prawns topped with a peanut sauce), Chilean (with kidney beans and minced beef), Norwegian (salmon and sour cream), Thai (chicken in spicy red curry) and many more.

Of course there also is a Dutch variant with stroopwafel chunks and cinnamon ice cream!


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    17 Apr, 2008

    Gosh, I’ve missed that out when I was in Amsterdam some years ago… so maybe time for a re-visit… I love pancakes…

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    17 Apr, 2008

    They also had pancakes with kebab, rum, chocolate sauce and cinnamon ice cream!
    One part of the menu was the international speciality section, where the “Swedish pancake” featured “pancake with deer in a game marinate of coriander and thyme with onions, carrot and cabbage, served with stewed pears and cranberry sauce”. Coriander and cranberry are not really the typical Swedish taste, but still a fun discovery on the menu.

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