Airline security seems to become more irrational every day. After 9/11, a lot of new rules were introduced.

For instance, consider the security check before boarding. It is adamant and removes all nail scissors regardless of size, but as soon as you board the aircraft, the steward gives you a breakable glass bottle with a smile and offer you to buy more in the tax-free. A Molotov cocktail kit can be yours for a few bucks. In fact, there are often sharper plastic knives in the air than there are penknives on the ground.

They are also very suspicious about any liquids brought on board, unless you place it in a bottle and say it’s for your little child. For some reason they seem to believe that people with children are incapable of performing bad things.

Some airlines has removed row 13 since it means bad luck, but they seem to follow some rules that are worse than superstition.

Inside the airplane Arm slides, cross check and report.

The flight crew has also been affected by the enforced rules. After 9/11, the pilots were locked into their flight decks and the stewards have to remember odd passwords to enter.

Passengers can of course be equally irrational. I read recently about an American architect going to a plane at JFK, who had to change t-shirt prior to boarding because it contained Arabic text which supposedly frightened passengers.

On another flight going from Spain to England, passengers were requesting the removal of a passenger since he kept looking at his watch.

Singapore Changi airport Down the drain at Singapore Changi.

I understand the very real threat, but I believe it would be wise to beat the bad guys by applying smart security instead of panic-enforcing yet another restriction.

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    Jonas S
    21 Oct, 2007

    The airline security has become ridiculous, but there are three sides to the story. First, prevent the real terrorists from succeeding in their plans, which is very hard to prevent since they are usually pretty smart and do a lot of planning, they adopt to the new security measures and the only way of stopping them is by police intelligence. Secondly, stopping all copycats and lunatics, these people are usually just stupid, insane or not on the same planet as the rest of us. Thirdly, make all the ordinary people feel secure.
    If only the police got a lot of money to find terrorists and no other security measures where introduced after the various terrorist attempts, do you think most people would feel secure? They had to do a lot of things to make an appearance.
    The sad part with the American War of Terror, is that it is fueled by some shady political agendas, coupled with xenophobia, Christian ├╝bermench-thinking and finally plain, old paranoia. Logic has nothing to do with it any longer.
    The sad stories about passengers being told to change clothes or removed from the planes because they look arabic is ordinary racism and xenophobia. What’s really outrageous is that the airlines and airport personel play along and allow it.

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