There are several bars related to Depeche Mode around the globe. The Depeche Mode Baar in Tallinn is probably one of the better known, together with the bars in Saint Petersburg and Moscow. But the one in the capital of Latvia is not to be missed!

Depeche Mode Bar Home.

As you roam the northwestern part of Riga, you might want to pop in for a fancy drink at Churchill Club or descend the damp cellar of Republika for live metal music. But stay on the path just a little bit longer and you come upon this gem at Maza Pils iela 5.

Depeche Mode Bar In your room.

The stairs feature a Bong 13 speaker and the familiar bird lady greets you on arrival. Apart from the main bar, several themed rooms are available. Of course the drinks all have Depeche related names, or why not try the DM beer?

Depeche Mode Bar Waiting for the night.
Depeche Mode Bar Words are very unnecessary.


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