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Along medieval alleys in Tallinn

The old town of Tallinn is one of the best preserved medieval cities in Europe. It felt good to be back and wander along the cobbled streets once more.

Originally established in the 13th century by the knights of the Teutonic Order, Tallinn became a major center of the Hansa League. The old town is surrounded by a massive wall from the medieval times. Traces of this age can also be found in the beautiful merchant houses with adorning guild shields.

Just be sure to bring some good footwear, since the cobblestones are lethal. When you get too much of the beautiful architecture, there is always the possibility to sneak into the Depeche Mode Baar for a black celebration.

View of old town of Tallinn The defense towers can be seen from most parts of the town.
Reine in Hellemann tower, Tallinn Several hundred meters of the eastern wall are available for exploring.
St. Catherine's Passage, Tallinn St. Catherine’s Passage is one of the most iconic alleys.
Old town wall, Tallinn All along the watchtower.


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