I spent the weekend on the beautiful island Öland, in the eastern part of Sweden. Among other things I found the time to wander through the forests of Halltorp, famous for the relict oak trees some of which are estimated to be 500 years old.

Halltorp forest Hey look, an oak (or rather, an ent).

Most of the old trees were chopped down in 1918, but a few are preserved and it feels like walking among the Ents of Tolkien lore.

Halltorp forest Walking through the area.

For many people Öland is synonymous with the barren plains called Alvaret (the Great Alvar), so this forest is a welcome addition to the region.

Halltorp forest Walking through the area.

Not far north is the Borgholm ruin, which I also really recommend.

Halltorp forest The Kalmar strait is nearby.

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