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One of the things I love about the web is the crazy stuff that pops up all the time. The latest buzz is Chatroulette where you can have a video chat with random people. The site was founded four months ago by a 17 year old Russian. It started with 300 users in December and today it is being used by over 1,5 million people each day.

It’s really an uncensored glimpse into the minds of people. In two minutes, I saw young girls looking for affirmation, confused naked guys and some other NSFW things best not to mention. In short, all sorts of weirdos gathered in one place. It’s also a harsh reality check where you need to be a young girl not to get disconnected after less than five seconds. A modern version of the Emperor’s thumb at the Coliseum. Cynics, rejoice.

But there are some people who really does their best to stand out in the crowd, for instance check out the piano improviser Merton, and the tribute by no other than Ben Folds!

It may seem utterly silly/revolting/whatever, but stop and think of it for a while. You have the possibility to instant chat with strangers from all around the world, without even leaving your comfy chair. Now that’s something that even Newton would thought of as magic.

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    21 Mar, 2010

    I read about that in Metro.. but was too scared to try.. :-)

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