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The Ipred onslaught

Today the new Ipred law will go into action. I really wish it was just a tasteless April’s fool joke, but unfortunately it is the bitter truth. It was initially a directive from the European Union made in 2004, now interpreted and transformed into a Swedish law.

The short short version is that the movie companies can force operators to give away customer information, if some sort of evidence of criminal activity can be produced. Thanks to the torrent technique, a large part of European citizens are suddenly guilty of such an act. If I recall correctly there was a similar issue when the video recorder was introduced, when the first mp3 portable player arrived and so on. Some artists have adapted to the new technology, Nine Inch Nails being a prime example.

But the big record and movie companies just won’t learn nor adapt to anything. It’s so much easier to create new laws and use their wealthy wallets to crush their customers.

Naturally there are several caveats. What if some guy sits at a coffee shop with free wireless and downloads something nasty? It’s the owner of the wi-fi that gets attention, not the downloader. Same thing applies to all people with open networks at home. Your neighbor might earn you a hefty fine right this minute. Open networks, beware.

And with that, another one of all the bright sparks of the world faded away. Why is it that so many people with power tend to control other people by making prohibitions? Why build all these walls instead of bridges?

And this is just the beginning. Something called Ipred 2 is stirring at the horizon, as well as the trade decree Acta. It’s said to be about outlawing anonymizing services and removing the court prerogative to open up for total mayhem. A brave new world.


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    06 Apr, 2009

    good entry. agreeing on all points.

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    08 Apr, 2009

    Thanks! Glad to hear that.

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