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Top blogs fail W3C markup validation

I just read an article entitled Top blogs fail W3C Markup Validation. While the result doesn’t come as a surprise at all, it is still terrifying to see it confirmed once again. But I fail to understand why I have to see these reports appear year after year. Validation is not rocket science.

The W3C Markup Validation Service can easily be used to validate online markup as well as snippets (simply copy your markup into a form). If you need batch validation, it’s available through the WDG HTML Validator or Nikita. There’s also a neat validation extension for Firefox.

And while you’re at it, validate your CSS as well.

Please note that validating your code is only the first step. Think of it as spell-checking a document. Even though the spelling is correct, it can still be filled with a lot of garbage.

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    07 Apr, 2010

    Nice information, I really appreciate the way you presented.

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