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The untitled JJ Abrams project

Viral marketing campaigns are hot these days. I wrote some time ago about the viral marketing of Nine Inch Nails for their new album. Upcoming movies seems to really attract this kind of campaign, since movie fans love to analyze and dissect clues about the film.

I remember the hype about Snakes on a plane last year. As soon as the script writer happened to reveal the title, movie buffs started to wet their pants and create own homemade trailers, and some even made t-shirts for the occasion. Naturally, the movie turned out to be a disaster but that wasn’t the point anymore.

For some time the net has been buzzing with another viral: The untitled JJ Abrams project. The guy behind Lost and MI3 is back with a mysterious project. The buzz really kicked off when the trailer appeared in front of Transformers, where the theater was most likely filled with the perfect audience for this kind of marketing strategy.

The cryptic trailer shows some kind of disaster striking New York, people fleeing in panic as fireballs and the head of Lady Liberty comes rolling down the street. It ends abruptly with the letters “01-18-08” for the release date.

And best of all, it doesn’t even have a title yet!

The entire movie is filmed with a shaky hand camera, which reminds me of Blair Witch Project. The shooting started about a month ago, and the movie starts with the end: A rescue team is clearing up the mess after the incident. They find a video-recorder and press play. The rest of the movie is showing what the cam has recorded. I’ve read all kinds of theories about the content, ranging from Cthulhu to Lost spin-off. My favorite rumor so far is that it’s an adaption of the classic game Ramparts.

But just as in the case with Snakes on a plane, it’s all about the hype these days. The movie may suck big time, but by the time it is shown on the big screen the fans have since long turned their attention elsewhere.

Viral marketing campaigns are here to stay, no doubt about it.

Update: I found another cool theory about monsters from Jewish mythology.


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    23 Jul, 2007

    I know I’m looking forward to its release, that’s for sure!

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    23 Jul, 2007

    What do you think about the plot? Any ideas?

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