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Even though nature is beautiful, very few things inspire me more than large cities, sprawling with buildings in all directions. I love to walk along the streets, synchronize my heartbeat with the city’s unique pulse and feel its energy while immersed by the creative chaos of mankind.

Luigi Di Serio has created a list of the Top 15 Skylines in the world with gorgeous skyline photos.

Where will you be next year?

The skyline of Sao Paulo The skyline of Sao Paulo in 2004.


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    18 Apr, 2006

    Hmm. Sydney should have scored higher, I think. Possibly it’s due to his criteria though. But definitely not lower than Sao Paolo. Also, I kind of wonder if Vancouver shouldn’t be there – it’s prettier than Seattle. But possibly more due to the mountain background in combination with the skyline, rather than the skyline itself.
    I need to go to asia… :)

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    19 Apr, 2006

    Yes, it’s strange. I suppose he prefer density over beauty. I admit that the Sao Paulo skyline is impressive, but I cannot really call it beautiful.

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