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Razzie and Oscar nominees 2006

Time for the Razzie Awards 2006! I remember last year when Halle Berry actually showed up to accept her award for Worst Actress in Catwoman. The starting field is not as great (or bad) as last year, but there are a few gems such as Jessica Alba (nominated Worst Actress for both her invisible role in Fantastic Four and her role in Into the Blue), Burt Reynolds (also nominated twice!), Paris Hilton and of course the uncanny Uwe Boll as Worst Director. “It is a great honor,” Boll replied. “I take every prize I get.”

And if you thought he’s tough, check out Chuck Norris Facts. Now that’s tough.

The Oscar nominations have arrived as well. No big surprises here either. My hope goes to Joaquin Phoenix for his amazing performance in Walk the line, but I am still in shock that Episode 3 is not among the nominees for Visual Effects. At least we have Chewbacca’s blog.

Stay tuned for March 4 and 5, respectively. And then there’s always the Saturn Awards.


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