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Top developer blogs of 2005

I have read a lot of blog entries concerning web development and more during the last year, most likely over several dozen each day. It sums up to quite a lot of hours invested, and since I unfortunately don’t have unlimited time on my hands, rather the other way around, I have to choose carefully.

There are a few bloggers out there who easily stand out from the crowd and makes me jump with excitement each time my RSS reader tells me they’ve been at it again. During 2005, these blogs were some of my favorites:

  1. 456 Berea St: Roger Johansson made it to the top of my list with frequent postings of excellent quality, friendly manner and educational attitude. And that’s not all! He’s also a nice guy who enjoys good coffee and even runs another interesting blog called Kaffesnobben in Swedish. Unstoppable!
  2. mezzoblue: Dave Shea is always worth reading. He continues to be a great source of inspiration year after year.
  3. SimpleBits: Everyone should read Dan Cederholm, or at least get a tshirt!
  4. Molly: Molly E. Holzschlag is a web standards evangelist and one of the best known persons on the web, for good reasons.
  5. Robert’s talk: Robert Nyman produces a steady flow of interesting articles, always with a personal touch in the writing.

Honorary mentions goes to Jason Kottke, John Oxton, Joel Spolsky and the ever notorious Robert Scoble. As this year has even seen the Google Park, I suspect the next logical step will be Robert Scoble’s face written on the moon with laser beams.

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    13 Jan, 2006

    Thank you for your kind words, Reine!

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    13 Jan, 2006

    Thanks! Keep on writing! :)

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