Mink Machine

Entry 500

This is my 500th blog post on this site.

What started out as a simple coding exercise way back in in 1994 turned out to evolve into something different. After starting to write regularly in the early 2000s, it just kept on rolling. All of a sudden, I seem to have written 500 of them.

Many of my traveling stories are quite short, since they were often written in a hurry at some dodgy place with poor internet connection. For the full stories, check out my book Här finns inga drakar that was released last year.

Reine writing Writing on my book surrounded by Basque pintxos.

As I wrote a few months ago, written text is definitely on the decline. But do not despair, dear millennials! Apart from entries, there are over 3000 photos available in the archive as well as in the entries.

Blogging in Oslo Blogging away at a hotel room in Oslo 2007.

Unlike Kent, I won’t say “Max 500” so here’s to 500 more.

Thank you for reading!


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