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Starbucks now established in Sweden

A few days ago Sweden’s first Starbucks opened in Terminal 5 at Arlanda airport, Stockholm. I guess it was just a matter of time. The reason why it took such a long time is probably the fact that Sweden often offers excellent coffee. Even classic brewed coffee is decently black, unlike the American counterpart which more resemble a jug of dishwater.

Although I’m not really leaping with joy, since Starbucks often feel overpriced and the experience is totally identical regardless of country. But I must confess that I’ve actually had some nice Starbucks experiences over the years.

Reine at Starbucks in London Having a coffee at Starbucks in London.

My first drink on Japanese soil was a Starbucks coffee, blasphemy but I needed it at the time. I once enjoyed several flat whites in Wellington, gingerbread coffee during Christmas time in Sydney, pumpkin spice latte in hot Qingdao as well as a frothy Frappuccino in downtown Boston. And so on.


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