Mink Machine

A new home

After months of struggle and maintenance, Mink Machine has finally found a new place to settle. This is the fourth move since 1994! The new server is harder, better, faster, stronger – just as Daft Punk would put it.

One of the things that brought the old server down on its knees was actually the high amount of visitors, so thank you for visiting and enjoy your stay!


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    25 Feb, 2008

    The mink has landed!

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    25 Feb, 2008

    Congratulations, Reine! Closet-hosted or web-hotel?

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    25 Feb, 2008

    Thanks! It has finally left the closet and is now hosted on Lopnet. They have excellent service and I warmly recommend them. Finally I can let my old noisy server rest in pieces.
    And the minks are very happy, they have plenty of space and green grass to play in.

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    26 Feb, 2008

    They also want loops and stuff to squeeze into, so Lopnet would be perfect in that way too ^_^

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    26 Feb, 2008

    Great idea! I’ll see if I can get that without extra charge. :)
    Until then they have to squeeze through the cable tubes and swing the network cables.

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