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George Lucas does it again

In a galaxy not so far away the Star Wars OT has finally arrived in a eagerly anticipated DVD collector’s box. However, the owls are not what they seem. Be aware of the fact that these versions are the special editions, re-released in 1997, clotted along with new horrific modifications. Why does the box say 1977/1980/1983 when it’s actually the special editions from 1997?

David Prowse David Prowse aka Darth Vader.

The actors of the OT must also be quite annoyed that Lucas keep editing the material. Suddenly their face may disappear altogether from the movie.

But poor David Prowse got the worst treatment even before the special editions. He plays the top movie villain of all time, but was replaced during the light-saber duels and another actor (Sebastian Shaw) dons the black armor when the mask is finally removed. Even the voice is by a third guy, James Earl Jones. I met him once at a sci-fi convention, here is a photo so that a few more people may recognize the poor soul.

A few reasons to stay away from the SEs:

  • Han Solo shot first
    This one is a classic debate which caused a bit of havoc when it was released. Good old Lucas had gotten soft on his latter days and decided that all his productions must be cuddly as Barney. In addition to the recently produced children crap such as Episode 1 and 2 (did someone say Jar-Jar Binks?), somehow he also got the time to change his old work. In the Mos Eisley cantina, Han Solo was approached by bounty hunter Greedo and the latter got shot. Perfect. But that was apparently too cruel for Lucas, so he made it look like Solo acted in self defense.
  • You don’t step on Jabba
    Sure, it is cool to see another scene with a young Harrison Ford, but I’m sorry to say that the animated Jabba has been changed once again. Will this never stop? The belly-crawling snail does look a lot better in this DVD version compared to the SE, but it’s still far from credible.
  • Yet another ending
    And finally, the modified ending in ROTJ. Yes, it has been tampered again and yet another planet has been inserted in the celebrations. This time George has even had the nerve to mess with the Jedi ghosts. You will feel anger enough to embrace the dark side. Pray he doesn’t alter them any further.


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